Ozmafia Wiki

Different users have access to different functions on this wiki.

Staff members that are inactive for a month without giving any notice will be removed from the team.

Staff Members

solazora Bureaucrat


Bureaucrats are a step above administrators. They possess all rights in a wiki and are the only ones who can give admin status to other users. Bureaucrats are also able to change/edit the wiki's interface/layout.

To become a bureaucrat, you need to have another bureaucrat assign you.


Admins oversee everything on the wiki and make sure to maintain it; such as going back and fixing malicious editing/vandalism, assigning staff/moderators, aiding in keeping the wiki up-to-date. They also have the ability to lock a page to prevent users without admin rights from renaming or editing a certain page, block IP addresses and/or users, delete pages, and perform a "roll-back" if needed.

To become an admin, you need to have a bureaucrat assign you.


Moderators assist the admins and bureaucrats with maintaining the wiki and can change protection levels/edit protected pages, delete/undelete pages, and move/overwrite files.

To become a moderator, you need to have a bureaucrat assign you, but to become a chat moderator, you need to have at least an admin assign you.


Users are the basic form of our contributors and are capable of making edits to articles that have no restrictions, as well as uploading images. Apart from that, they don't have any special rights like moderators, admins, or bureaucrats do.