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The Girl with No Memories

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風香 - “Wind “ + “Flower”

Also known as

“Lady Fuka” by Manboy

   “Prey” by Caesar
   “Signorina” by Caramia

“My sweet” by Alfani “House Guest” or “Guest” (, later “Fuka-kun”) by Axel “Little girl” by Gretel “Baby” by Hansel (“ Fuka-chan”, but it was translated to Baby in the English PC version) “Angel” and “Fräulein” by Hamelin “Frue Fuka” “Fuka-sama” Melisus

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160cm (5'3") (Estimated to be a cm taller than Scarlet's height)

Professional Information

House guest
Owner of the Oscar Wilde Salon (Oscar Wilde Ending A)


Famiglia Oz



Fairy Tale

Dorothy's Soul
Ideal Version of Dorothy

Visual Novel



Volume 1, Chapter 1


(Appears in the Ending)

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Akiko Hanamura

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”I'm Fuka. Famiglia Oz is taking care of me. I'm very good at doing laundry, but... that's about it. But I'm not giving up! Thanks for listening!”

Fuka is the main character and heroine of the game. She has no memories from before she awoke, not even of her own name. Famiglia Oz takes her in, saving her from a sword-waving man. She's a cheerful, optimistic girl who's honest to a fault.



Having no memories, Fuka begins the game without a strong personality. Parts of her personality develop slightly differently depending on which route she is in, and she can seem different depending on the choices the player makes.

Fuka is highly caring of others, willing to put herself in danger to protect her friends. She lacks a lot of common sense and is very gullible. She is very curious and keen to learn. Although she is nice to everyone she meets, she often says things that are a bit rude or offend the other without realizing it, especially early in the game due to her lack of previous socialization. When she does hurt others, she is remorseful and tries to make it up to them by correcting her statement or giving apology gifts.


Fuka is the heroine of the game and can encounter many of the fairytale characters and fall in love or - in Pashet’s case- befriend them. She appeared in an alleyway, born from Dorothy’s soul. She only exists because, Dorothy had misused her magic, using it for her own selfish needs. When she tried to run away, the magic expelled from the tower- which ended up separating Dorothy- formed Fuka.


Caramia's Route

Kyrie's Route

Axel's Route

Scarlet's Route

Robin Hoods's Route

Hamelin's Route

Pashet's Route

Soh's Route

Caesar's Route

Brothel Route


Grand Finale



  • “I… I want to bring everyone who died back to the town. I want the town to be a calm place with no more fighting” - Fuka to Soh during the Grand Ending
  • “Mr. Caramia, Mr. Kyrie, Axel… I’m so sorry. I promised to come back, but I’m not going to be able to keep that.”- Fuka at the end of the Grand Ending


  • The name of the heroine is changeable at the beginning. Fuka is the character's default name.
  • When she arrived at the Oz estate and was given the cottage to live in, she, at first, didn't think to lock the door.
  • For her, it’s really sad that everyone can’t get along. They are so close together that they can casually talk sometimes, but still they are enemies. She can’t understand that.
  • Fuka always tries to start conversations with Scarlet. She says she simply wants to know more about him. The same can go for the other inhabitants of the town as well.
  • “Look(s) a little dumb.”-Ande
  • Fuka gets a little spending money from Caramia for her work for the famiglia, mainly from doing laundry.
  • During the mafia meeting, in which she is introduced at, she sits in between Caramia and Kyrie. Axel stands behind them.
  • When her name was called during the first famiglia  meeting in the game she abruptly stands up, and nervously introduces herself.
  • Hearing the word “Family” warms her heart.
  • To show how much she cares about her friends, she asked a local restaurant chef about the likes of the Oz guys, curious on what their favorite meals could possibly be
  • Upon finding out that Caramia's favorite food is meat, she wonders aloud if Caramia specifically likes raw meat, since he is a lion.
  • She says the only task she is good at in the household is doing the laundry (she’s extremely bad at cooking).
  • She regularly brings tea to the don, consigliere and so on.
  • Kyrie describes her as a  “very special guest” and a “Irregular presence”
  • Pashet describes her to be weird, as she lives in a “place full of men”.
  • According to Pashet, Fuka walks around with a foolish look on her face.
  • After Axel is kidnapped, and Fuka is back in her room, she still has his cookies - even if crumbled. Seeing them makes her wonder if Axel is hungry.
  • Fuka is certain that by joining the beauty pageant she can help Famiglia Oz.
  • She wanted to ask Scarlet for references when it came to choosing a dress for the beauty pageant, thinking that the latter was a girl at first.
  • Was very nervous about the pageant in general, but was sure the others would help her.
  • Heidi mocks Fuka by saying she is “gangly”. Caramia tries to defend her by saying she is “plenty cute.” Heidi again tells Fuka she looks like a “Shriveled-up carrot” compared to Peter, boasting that the girl has no chance against her subordinate in the competition.
  • Even if Caesar tries to kill her, she is still worried about him. She can’t explain why. She states that she doesn't think of him as a bad person.
  • Fuka is shocked at first to see Soh being a part of the Wolf Gang.
  • "Mutt of a girl”- Ande after the announcement of the beauty pageant results is given.
  • Fuka thought Robin Hood's mask was actually his face.
  • Fuka came to visit Pashet when she heard loud noises and believed there might be a festival.

Trivia that includes major spoilers

  • She was scared that she forgot people or important events from before she awoke in the alleyway, so she is glad this wasn’t the case during the big reveal of the Epilogue of the game
  • Her wish, before disappearing in the Epilogue, is to grant everyone else's wishes. Fuka doesn’t wish to die, because she loves the town and everyone living in it, but rather in the hope of saving the others, she sacrifices herself.
  • In the Epilogue, she attempts to poison Robin on Kyrie's command.
  • In Hamelin’s Bad Ending, Fuka becomes a nun. She believes that through her prayers, Hamelin can be saved.
  • Fuka has a hard time disliking Hamelin, even after he was imprisoned again.