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The Pessimistic Sister
Biographical Information





Short from of the name “Magaretha”. Of German Origin, with the meaning “Pearl.”

Also known as

“Greta” by Fuka

Basic Information





Unknown (Part of Ruling Class)


September 12

Zodiac Sign





Hansel (Brother)

Physical Information
Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Blue


161cm (5'3")

Professional Information



Famiglia Grimm


Supporting Character

Fairy Tale

Hansel and Gretel

Visual Novel



Volume 1, Chapter 2


Episode 5

Voice Actors
Japanese Voice

Masami Nozuki

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“My name is Gretel. What do you want with my personal information ? I won’t let you get away with this. I’ll curse you for three days and three nights and then jam a message in a bottle down your throat and send you up the river.”

Gretel is one of famiglia Grimm's caporegimes. She's an extreme pessimist, spiteful with a fierce persecution complex and a razor-sharp tongue. Like her brother Hansel, she's quick to start a fight. Her clothes and satchel are stuffed full of hand grenades.



A young girl that often wears a grim and sour expression. Gretel is very suspicious of others and always out to try her Hand Grenades, with her brother cheering her on. It can be witnessed that she is still not over the loss of her Don, which shows that her family is very important to her. She never forgave anyone who punished her Don, and seeks revenge. 


She is one of the Caporegimes of Grimm and a troublemaker at that. She causes an outbreak, alongside her brother and Ande of Andersen, in which Fuka gets caught up. She is a fairytale character created by Dorothy’s magic for her friends, from a fairytale she remembers from the “other world”. Gretel still despises everyone who voted against Hamelin, and will always be on her Dons side.


Common Route



  • “You better win, Scarlet…”- Last words.
  • “I’m sorry for using you as a meatshield when you wandered out into the fray like an idiot.” - Apology to Fuka


  • Speaks in a cold voice.
  • She verbally abuses Robin Hood while he performs his check-up on her.
  • Often threatens others with hand grenades.
  • Calls the members of Anderson “inferior creatures”
  • A fight with her is a fight with Grimm.
  • When Axel and Fuka come to buy cookies from them, she believes it’s an ambush.
  • She has no intention of making friends.
  • She is described as sitting on an orange carpet in a corner of a street when selling cookies with Hansel in the game.
  • She thinks the Sunday compromise is stupid and that they should just break it.
  • Gretel calls Ande’s friend Juliette [the duck] stupid.
  • When her brother told her that he wanted to keep a pet mouse, she replies that would rather kill all pests, including mice.
  • Is incompetent of close range combat, according to Pashet.
  • She hates coming to Oz. It took Scarlet the whole day to convince her to come to Oz.
  • It is mentioned on Poni Pachet’s staff blog as well as in the manga that the bird that is always upon Gretel’s shoulder is named “Emergency Rations (非常食)”. In the manga, she tells Fuka that the bird she currently has is of the 4th generation of “Emergency Rations”, but whether or not she was joking about that just to get a reaction from Fuka is unclear. 

Trivia including major spoilers

  • She would rather kill herself than be killed by someone else. This results in her pulling out all her hand grenades after she stepped on a landmine in Andersen. She kisses the last grenade.
  • When she stepped on a landmine, she tells her brother - who is already deceased - that he didn’t have to worry about her, as she would soon join him.
  • She couldn’t shed any tears when Hansel died, as she had to work hard for both of them.
  • She blames everyone else for Hamelin's death, as they were the reason for him being imprisoned in the first place. They use the war to get their revenge.
  • She uses Aelling’s body as a human shield from Ande’s burning arrow.
  • When Hansel didn’t answer her straight away, after they killed the Anderson trio, she was terrified.
  • Gretel hides a stick of dynamite in Aelling’s scarf and baits Ande, pushing him into her to take Ande out.