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The Cunning Scarecrow
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Scarecrow (formerly)


Unknown (Part of the Ruling Class)


February 8

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Tea, Delicious Food

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175cm (5'9")

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Famiglia Oz


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The Wizard of Oz

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Volume 1, Chapter 1


Episode 1

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Kazuyuki Okitsu

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“My name is Kyrie. I am the consigliere of famiglia Oz. I absolutely detest troublesome things, so please don’t ask too much of me.”

Kyrie appears to be a gentle person, but is really very malicious. He is the consigliere of the Oz family.

Character Bio

The consigliere of famiglia Oz. Don't let his gentle demeanor fool you; he's a calculating man with a heart black as soot. He is universally recognized as a sadist. While he’s a crack shot with anything he puts his hands to, he prefers not to dirty his own hands if at all possible, especially when others are so easily manipulated. While he is not the don of the famiglia, he bosses Caramia into doing what he thinks is best.


Kyrie has green hair, one blue eye, and another eye that will change colors to match his emotions. He wears a hat and purple suit. But any time when he unleashes his power of summoning crows to attack enemies and flying with them, his hair will immediately turn black as a result but he can revert his hair color back to his original color.


Kyrie is a mischievous and twisted person, with a hidden sweet side. He often bullies his family, Axel and Caramia, into doing things for him. He prefers not to do things himself, but will do dirtier jobs for the sake of gathering information. The brains of the family.

In his main route, when he gives his treasured pendant to Fuka to keep on to, anytime the pendant on Fuka's is away from him on a long-distance proximately, his current personality will revert to a much kinder but also a simpleton as Caramia states that his pendant is actually his 'brain' and his gentle personality was when he was a scarecrow without a brain.


Before he was a part of famiglia Oz, he was a scarecrow who went on a mission to get a brain, and that is why he knows more than the rest of his famiglia. He can often tell what will happen.

Late in the story, Kyrie will tell Fuka about his eye that changes color. During the time that he was a scarecrow, the farmer that made him had painted his eyes. One eye stayed blue, but the other had been re-painted over and over again. He tells Fuka that the eye that he always covers up changes color to match his emotions.


Common Route

His Route (Beginning)

Triangle: Caramia

Triangle: Axel

His Route (Continued)

Ending 1: Consigliere

Ending 2: Brain

Transfer Route

Ending 1: Pride

Ending 2: Headway



  • "What a coincidence, mine too. Well, it's not too late. Should I shoot him, say, three times in the abdomen then take him to the clinic?"
  • "Oh, I'm so sorry. A certain stingy consigliere seems to have stepped on a certain idiot lion's foot."
  • “Are you really enjoying your life of nothing but lying around, eating, playing and sleeping?”- Kyrie to Fuka
  • "Oh, my, please do tell me all about this embarrassing story starring Ms. Fuka." 
  • “Entertaining you is my job”- Kyrie to Fuka, after he asks her how he can make her feel more at home, Common Route
  • “You can confess your sins whenever you feel so inclined” - To Fuka, about the Church
  • “I am a cruel man devoid of kindness. I’d betray anyone for my own benefit. I am quite confident that I could dispose of you without a shred of doubt.”
  • “There is no wrong time to compliment a woman. Don’t you agree, Ms. Fuka?” – Kyrie, right after Fuka joins them in the living room in the morning.


  • His weapon is a rifle, but he usually will not use it, as he prefers to manipulate others into doing the dirty work.
  • His left eye changes color depending on his emotions, he covers it with his bangs so that other people won't be able to understand how he feels just by looking at him.
  • His famiglia brand is located on the nape of his neck
  • His hobbies are gambling and playing -tormenting- people.
  • He isn’t in charge of "lowly tasks" such as patrolling.
  • Sends out Caramia to buy him cheese from Heidi
  • Accorading to him, everyone is a pawn and he is the player.
  • With a snap of his fingers he can call on his soldati.
  • Owns custom chess pieces. He claims that the price for them is equal to the amount of money spent on feeding Fuka for 25 months and 10 days.
  • Kyrie tells Fuka he couldn’t sleep when he thought of her sleeping in a household full of men.
  • Isn’t too fond of Swiss cheese.
  • Likes “Delicious things”
  • Most things seen in the living room are in his possession.
  • He claims he isn’t allowed the luxury to simply do “nothing”. As a consigliere he even has to work on sundays. (Attends to "business" in Oscar Wilde right after saying this.)
  • According to Axel, he lies all the time.
  • Kyrie hates doing work for strangers, but if his job asks him to, he might do it.
  • Fuka describes him as a kind person (“I think you’re a kind person at heart, even if you say some scary things sometimes” – Fuka, when Kyrie asks what she thinks of him). She's often met with averse reactions when she says this in the company of other people.
  • He has a very professional way of speaking, especially in meetings.
  • Searches for value in other people.
  • Caramia describes him to be “ill natured”
  • Pashet describes him as a “vulgar man” and a "slimeball".
  • When Fuka reveals to him that she thinks of Scarlet as female, Kyrie simply goes along with it, even when she tells him that she believes that Scarlet would be Kyrie's type. Thinks it’s very funny for Fuka to think of Scarlet as being a girl.
  • Kyrie admits that he never saw Scarlet to be a female.
  • Is very good at seeing through lies.
  • Tells Fuka her sex appeal is lacking on the day of the beauty pageant. He suggests showing more skin.
  • He thinks that Fuka should not interact too much with enemy famiglie.
  • Often insults Caramia’s cooking. Frequently insults him in general as well
  • Calls Fuka the Oz famiglia's housepet.
  • Says there is no fun in male-female relationships with no lovers' quarrel.
  • Axel says Kyrie has a special talent of rubbing people the wrong way, Pashet, in turn, questions if he ever “rubs people the right way?”
  • When Scarlet comes to negotiate with him about an incident with the twins, Kyrie wished for a new objet d’art and a decorative plant for his room.
  • Admits that Caramia would defeat him in a battle of strength, but in a battle of words, the don would stand no chance.
  • When Caramia suggests that Kyrie make his own food if he didn't like what he was making, Kyrie replies that his hands are not made for such work.
  • Fuka says Kyrie’s hands are very pretty. Caramia comments that the only reason they look that nice is because he doesn’t work.
  • When fighting about the fabric of Fuka’s dress for the pageant, Kyrie tells Axel to use the fabric the latter suggested for a shirt or underwear for himself and not to force his tastes on Fuka.
  • He isn’t interested in “petty romance”, as sleeping with someone for no gain is just a waste of time.
  • Caramia explains that he causes a lot of trouble as a consigliere.
  • Kyrie admits they should have lost territory to the other famiglie because of Axel breaking the Sunday compromise, but due to his hard work, they avoided this punishment. He admits that he wanted to shoot Axel for his troubles, and pretends to be offended when the other two actually believe he would shoot a friend.
  • Even he doesn’t know the mystery of the tower- or so Caramia claims.
  • Doesn’t like bothersome things.
  • Often has women making the first move on him, even Pashet’s well trained soldiers.
  • Is a business partner of Dorian Gray; often hangs around Oscar Wilde because of this relationship
  • Claimed that it was too early for Fuka to visit Oscar Wilde by herself after escorting her on their first visit to the place (2-3 weeks after her arrival), but he suspects that her curiosity might lead her back.
  • After Fuka befriended Axel, he encourages her in a teasing manner to try and “seduce” him next.
  • Claims he teases girls he likes and those he doesn’t like.
  • Instead of taking off his glove like a normal person, he uses his teeth.
  • Wraps handkerchiefs around his glass to avoid getting his gloves wet.

Trivia with major spoilers

  • Doesn’t care about the Sunday compromise during the Epilogue/Grand Ending.
  • He gives Fuka the task of poisoning Robin Hood's tea in the Epilogue. Because of this, Kyrie accepts all of the blame of the incident, as he is already stained and a little more wouldn't change anything.
  • He is the only one who not only remembers Dorothy, but also Fuka, after Soh wiped everyone's memories once more in the Epilogue/Grand Ending. In those moments, he wishes to not have a brain, as he could barely stand living with the pain of being the only one to remember them.
  • He wants to go back to the time when he was only a stupid scarecrow, just so he wouldn’t hurt anymore.
  • He desperately wished from the stars during the Meteor Shower Gathering for help in his search for evidence of their [Fuka's/Dorothy's] existence.
  • Falls into despair during the Grand Ending, but eventually reunites with Dorothy and promises they will meet again.
  • Back when he was a scarecrow, he was the one to wish of Dorothy to be turned into a man, someone with flesh like her. The other two [the cowardly lion and the tin man] joined in on that wish.