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The Strict Cat Who Wears Long Boots
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Also known as

“Ms.Kitty” by Caramia
“Lady Pashet” by Bercy and Manboy
“Little Miss Kitty” by Heidi
“My pretty”/ “My lovely” by Dorian
“Frue Pashet” by Melisus
“Cat Lady” by Gretel

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Unknown (Part of Ruling Class)


July 3

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165cm (5'5")

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Famiglia Boots


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Fairy Tale

Puss in Boots

Visual Novel



Volume 1, Chapter 2


Episode 8

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Kyoko Fujii

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“My name is Pashet. I am the don of famiglia Boots. I do not suffer those who violate the rule of law. You’d best behave, unless you’d like to get a taste of my blade.”

Pashet is the don of Famiglia Boots. She is a knight with a strong sense of justice and is stern and serious about everything. She leads her famiglia as a disciplined army. The sword she wears at her waist is just like her: steely, keen, and unyielding.



Pashet is a very serious person; prioritizing her family above anything and everything else. She is caring towards others, especially those who seem weak or oblivious, but also stern and relentless at times. When she really enjoys something, she will immerse herself fully in it.


She is made from Dorothy’s magic, originating from a fairytale that Dorothy remembers from the “Other World”.


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Pashet's Route

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  • "What a ridiculous notion. She's your ward. You should talk to her."
  • "I'd like to inquire about your destructive activities. For some reason you haven't attacked our territory as of late, even though we stand ready to receive your attacks at a moment's notice."
  • “Mrrow…”
  • “Yes. Don't worry, I'll take a spare sword. I'll protect you, so... please."


  • She is scared of frogs and vaccination needles
  • In Egyptian mythology, Pakhet, means “she who scratches” (also spelt Pachet, Pehkhet, Phastet, and Pasht). A lioness goddess of war. This may be a possible origin for her name.
  • “Cat-eared young lady” - Caramia speaking about Pashet
  • She sparred with Caramia a few times before. They are actually on good terms, and Caramia expresses that they "feline fellows" have to stick together.
  • Does not personally approve of the beauty pageant, but she has to help as it is a town event. Has one of her subordinates participate in the contest.
  • Pashet explains to Fuka that one just stands still on stage during the beauty pageant. She describes it as a psychological hardship, since you have to be judged and accept the results, regardless of how harsh they may come out to be.
  • Pashet describes Robin Hood's mask and outfit to be disturbing.
  • Offers to teach Fuka how to wield a sword, but they just end up talking for the rest of the day
  • Isn’t very close to Scarlet on a personal level.
  • Making all the decisions herself isn’t a burden for her.
  • States that meetings with Fuka during the week and even their meetings on Sundays aren't quite appropriate for her, considering Pashet's role as don of an enemy famiglia.
  • Believes that making women compete on their looks is disgusting.
  • Pashet doesn't remember Fuka's name in their second encounter with each other (after the famiglie meeting that took place in the prologue); promptly asks Fuka for her name when she realizes this
  • Asked if Caramia forced Fuka to become a servant, as she believes that men (like those in Famiglia Oz) bring a lot of trouble
  • The members of Famiglia Boots are mainly women who are known for being fearsome and strong. She proudly calls it a “Women’s paradise”
  • Believes Caramia could never tame her subordinates.
  • Doesn’t like Kyrie; threatens to cut him down
  • “Pure and noble Lady Pashet”- Kyrie mocking her
  • The first time Fuka visits Famiglia Boots, Pashet becomes suspicious and asks why she's there. She believes Fuka's reasoning fairly quickly, though, thinking of Fuka as looking “foolish”.
  • She would cut any spy down immediately
  • Believes no other family is a match for her and her soldiers
  • She is affected by the song of the Pied Piper, as she is a cat.
  • At first she believes Fuka to be weak and stupid, so Pashet didn't mind if Fuka watched her famiglia train (as Fuka wouldn't understand it anyway)
  • Is aware of how strong she is. Believes no member of Oz would stand a chance against her.
  • Has a battle strategy that involves intimidating the enemy, so that the enemy's fighting potential shrinks.
  • Doesn’t understand why everyone loves guns so much. Calls them “Little Gadgets”.
  • Believes Fuka's foolishness to go after Axel when he was kidnapped was a good premise for the famiglie to eliminate some Wolf Gang members
  • She dislikes people who don’t follow the rules.
  • When Caramia asks why she wears such a grumpy face, she replies that she was simply born with that face.
  • Tells Caramia that Fuka is Famiglia Oz's responsibility and that he better teach her the rules properly
  • Believes that violence is the only solution when it comes to defeating the Wolf Gang, as words are useless. She wishes to kill all of them with her sword someday.
  • She isn’t surprised when Axel isn’t in danger after the attack of the twins. He is sturdy after all.
  • Her estate is well fortified so they can defend against potential explosive attacks from Hansel and Gretel, managing to always ward them off. Remarks that it’s somewhat dull that her own famiglia is so strong and that nothing is a big enough challenge for them. She still wishes that the twins would come more often, though, as it is good training for her subordinates.
  • She hates men like Dorian and declares that she would never ever fall in love with him, even if “Hell froze over”. Is disgusted by the mere thought of Dorian touching her.
  • Hates Dorian's nickname for her; it gives her goosebumps.
  • When Dorian tried to introduce himself as the owner of the brothel to Fuka, Pashet talks over him, stating he is the priest of the church, even if she has a hard time believing that he is. This was more than likely done to preserve some of Fuka's innocence.
  • Fuka describes Pashet's cat ears to be super cute. Pashet replies that she would much rather have ears like Fuka. Whenever she is outside of her territory people stare at her because of her ears and tail. She has gotten used to it, but she would much rather be “normal”.
  • Becomes startled when people touch her tail without warning, as could be seen in one scene of the game with Alfani
  • Pashet tells Fuka to never go to Oscar Wilde, remarking that the street is not something for people with cotton candy brains like Fuka.
  • Considers the Wolf Gang as a problem; she claims that someday she will try to get her hands on Kyrie too.
  • Believes that Scarlet has a much cuter face than her own
  • Pashet becomes insecure about her identity as a woman after Fuka describes why Scarlet seemed to be a girl to her. Being short, having a cute face, and lacking a deep voice are all traits Pashet doesn’t seem to have.
  • Has no intention of nurturing good will between enemy families.
  • Her famiglia has joint training with Famiglia Adelheid sometimes. The intention is to display their strengths in battle to each other.
  • Claims that she does not need luck. She believes in herself and her knights.

Trivia including major spoilers

  • She admits that she is no match for Caesar and actually fears him during the battle of the Grand Ending. She ends up running away.
  • She comes up with the idea to team up with Scarlet in order to beat Caesar.
  • She dies from being shot by Scarlet’s rifle
  • Feels underestimated when Peter planned to fight her unarmed. She hands Peter a sword.
  • She suggests going one on one with Heidi so as to not lose any “resources”.